Accepteret Application for helper [Seki_yu]


New Member
Navn: Rui

Brugernavn: Seki_yu

Alder: 21

Beskriv dig selv: A simple guy. Work during the day and play games during the night. My hobbies range from drawing to watching movies. Been trying to learn danish for 4ish months now due to having really good close danish friends.

Hvor længe har du spillet på serveren: Relatively new to the server. Currently have 2 days and a half spent in the server.

Hvilke plugins/funktioner har du kenskab til: No knowledge of any commands at the moment.

Har du været helper eller lignende på andre server: Created some servers to play with friends a couple times before.

Hvor mange timer har du til rådighed(ugentligt): Every weekday after 6pm GMT and during weekends.

Forklar os hvad en helper er i dine øjne: As the name says, Helper is someone who is supposed to help other players with questions and also make sure to keep the server clear of any toxicity.

Fortæl os hvad du forventer at kunne som Helper: As a helper, I intend to be someone of easy access to, who will try to be of help whenever needed.

Har du Skype/Discord: Sekiyu Aero#1661 (Do not use Skype)

NOTE: Made the application in english due to my beginner Danish skills. Will try to use danish if really needed in the future.


Application accepted :)