Accepteret I would like to apply helper


Hi, my name is Michael, and my MC name is CutiePickle. I am 13 years old, and I love to play video games, when I am not playing video games, I am usually a pretty active person. I found this server, and spent many hours grinding it out, and probably played for maybe a little over a week or 2, and wanted to help new people sense I learned this server well. I basically know all the basic commands that any new player would need to know, and the ones you would use the most, such as spawn, home, etc. I've never been a helper on any other server, but I usually learn anything try, firm. Currently, I can basically play and help all day, but when school starts for me next thursday. I want a few hours a day to help out, and play, but I should be playing everyday. In my eyes, helper is someone who will go out of their way, usually to help someone who has a problem or something, and will do everything they can to fix their problem. I expect as a helper to help any new or old player with all their questions and concerns, and if I don't know how to fix, I will try to reach a higher up, to help them out.
I do have a discord: ImPickle1 # 7613
If you have anymore question for me, I will, I can answer them on discord, or any other way


And you too. We need staff on our survival server.