Accepteret Why was I banned?


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I don't know who banned I remember I was chasing a cow and an Admin approached me flying and hitting me. When I said admin abuse as a joke he said I was hacking. When I said I wasn't he said just admit it. So when i said If you don't believe me then check.This all happened about 5-6 days ago. When I try to join the server now it says Go For It as the reason of ban. I think you need to get in check with your admins because this should not be allowed. I joined this server so I can play. I had a base in survival, and had a win-streak in Bed Wars. I believe you should unban me because I was banned for no such reason.


First of all, fill out the form correctly as anyone else.

Second, answer to this bit of chatlog (especially the part marked with bold):
[10/9/19 8:37 PM] Alexanderrrrr: yo kid
[10/9/19 8:37 PM] Messy_Trash: admin abuse
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Alexanderrrrr: Do u wann leave, or should i make you?
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Messy_Trash: wut?
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Alexanderrrrr: U hackin
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Alexanderrrrr: Im not stupid
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Messy_Trash: no
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Alexanderrrrr: well
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Alexanderrrrr: u cant even admit it
[10/9/19 8:38 PM] Messy_Trash: alr i am but l
[10/9/19 8:39 PM] Messy_Trash: lemme change the launcher



You will get one second chance, and then no more. Next time don't try to get a away by saying ''no'' and just admit it the first time i confront you. I will keep a eye on you.
Appeal accepted.